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Thinking of a better way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle? Better Ways CBD offers you different plant-based products for whatever health and wellness needs. With Better Ways CBD, anyone in Branford CT can easily shop a wide assortment of premium quality CBD products that best suits their self-care priorities and lifestyle. And yours is not an exception!

We get it. You’re a CBD enthusiast or you simply want to explore better ways to improve your overall health. Perhaps, you’ve been told about the magical, healing powers of organic CBD products. And you wish to take advantage of the amazing possibilities of CBD in treating different ailments. That’s the core essence of Better Ways CBD dispensary.

As individuals leading an active lifestyle, we value the essence of healthy living as much as you do. That’s why we put the best of ourselves into sourcing quality hemp derived extracts that promote vitality – and have no side effects on your health.

How Better Ways CBD works?

The need for balance…

Each and every single form of our hemp-based extract share the same thing in common – CBD compounds and all the benefits that come with it. And they’re backed by the need to help you attain balance in your health regimen. Ranging from pain creams to tinctures, oil, edibles and salves, all our products contain CBD extracts that interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. More so, regulate your body’s gut biome and neuropathways to find a balance that profits your wellbeing.


Who we are?

Better Ways CBD is a fast-rising online CBD store in Branford, Connecticut. Take a look at our curated list of products. You’ll see that we offer choice, premium quality and a lot more for anyone that love to lead an active lifestyle. Nonetheless, all our hemp plant-based products are destined to set you on the right path to holistic wellness. And we trust you’ll find all your favorite CBD products and more!

There’s absolutely something for everyone!

Interestingly, all the products that we source are best-suited for individuals from different walks of life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete, elderly or you just want to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle, Better Ways CBD is your best bet. Let’s set you up on better ways to boost your health.


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