Emerald Family Farms – Hawaiian Haze Flower



All flower sold by 1/8th oz (3.5 g), packaged in re-usable, child-resistant, nitrogen sealed pop containers with all required testing and warning information.

Hawaiian Haze – This extremely therapeutic strain carries a terpene blend of Myrcene, a-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene & Guaiol, all of which are known to have anti-inflammatory, pain and anxiety-relieving benefits. A wonderful choice for those dealing with social anxiety, this strain not only relaxes your core, but it also lights that creative spark that can often lead to new adventures.

Fragrant tropical aromas of citrus, pine, and earthy spice emanate from the Hawaiian Haze buds, even more so when broken down in preparation for smoking. Flavors of citrus and spice stay long on the palette. The medium-sized buds are brighter lime green with fire orange pistils weaved throughout.

Hawaiian Haze:  COA


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