Toxic Hulk – 5 Seed Pack



Toxic Hulk is the final cross in the Hulkamania line and couples Venom Pebbles #1 (Gas pheno) x Hulkamania to produce a sativa dom hybrid that retains the vigor and gas of Venom Pebbles #1 and marries it with the girth of Hulkamania buds.  Finishing in 63-70 days


Venom Pebbles #1 was the gassier version leaning heavily towards the Blue Venom mother in its heritage.  With a nice sativa hybrid buzz, she provides the necessary jolt and focus to accomplish mid day tasks with ease.  Finishing in 60-70 days


She has been crossed with Hulkamania by Terp Fi3nd out of the DC area. This man is a legend in the terpene hunting community of cannabis cultivators. Whether you have 1 or dozens of his creations like I do, every single pack is sure to lend you at least 1 or 2 incredible profiles. Hulkamania was created by him crossing (Ghost OG/Deep Chunk) x White Cherry Truffle. Hulkamania flowers in 56-63 days and puts out chunky, sweet scented buds.


Mother: Venom Pebbles 1
Father: Hulkamania
Flower Time: 63-70 Days
Terpene Profile:
Seeds Per Pack: 5
Classification: Regular


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